When It Comes To Natural Beauty,
Nothing Beats Real Wood.

Wood Window Blinds Winnipeg MB | Blind Ambitions

Wood horizontal slat blinds have been around for many, many years. And no wonder, in terms of beauty and aesthetics you really can't beat real wood. They come in a couple different sized slats – 2 inch and 2.5 inch slats. All of them raise up from the bottom, and all of them can be tilted open and shut. You can also order a decorative tape which will help you add a little bit of accent colour in your room as well as pick up some of the colours that may be in your furniture or wallpaper.

But there are a number of considerations you must take into account. Real wood can, under certain conditions of high humidity or intense sunlight, actually have the slats warp, and they’re not warranted against that. On large windows, you’ll find that both sets of these blinds become quite heavy when lifting, which is why we often advise people not to put one of these blinds on large windows unless using more than one blind per window. Each time you raise these heavy blinds, there will be wear and tear on the cord which will, over time, cause the cord to fail. You can use these in any room, but they’re not the best for room darkening, because they do create light gaps between the slats on the blinds, so in a bedroom there’s still some light that is able to leak through into the room.

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Wood Window Blinds Winnipeg MB | Blind Ambitions Wood Window Blinds Winnipeg MB | Blind Ambitions