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Smart Home Solutions: Motorized Blinds Winnipeg

You’ve got a smartphone, a tablet, and a smart home, so why not add your blinds and shades to that list? Blind Ambitions is your gateway to the most innovative and modern window treatments available today!​

Motorization is constantly evolving and improving in the window coverings industry, and at Blind Ambitions, we've always got our finger on the pulse of the latest innovations and products. Opt for fully motorized window coverings that work with your home automation system or upgrade specific blinds and shades throughout your home with motorized wand systems as desired.

Hard to reach windows? Motorization is the most convenient and satisfying solution. Plus, you can decide if you prefer a DC plug-in, rechargeable battery packs, or a motorized system that's hardwired in during the construction phase. Literally, the sky’s the limit! 

Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help you elevate your home with the latest advancements in motorization technology.


Advantages of Motorized Window Coverings

New to the world of motorized window coverings? Here are the top 4 reasons you'll never look back once you try them:

Luxurious Upgrade - Even with today's digital advancements, there's still something magical about being able to control your window coverings with a voice command or the press of a button. Step into a new reality and treat yourself to an upgraded home environment that enhances your comfort and convenience at every turn.

Easy To Use - It doesn't take long to learn how to control your window coverings remotely at any hour of the day or night. Use a wand, preprogram the shades from an app on your phone, or use a voice command to control lighting or enhance privacy from the comfort of your bed or recliner.

Fully Customizable - Select the exact features and functions you prefer and our professional team will ensure your window coverings are tailored to your precise needs. Contact our team directly for more specifics!

Added Home Security - On select lines, when you purchase motorization that can be controlled by an app on your phone, you have the ability to schedule when and how your shades open and close. Therefore, from the outside, your home has the added security of appearing occupied even if you’re away.

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Our Motorized Offers

Motorized Wand and Remote Control Systems

Take the pressure off your hands and arms with motorized wand systems that conveniently control one or more window coverings in your home. With the flick of your wrist or the press of a button, you can comfortably achieve your lighting and privacy goals with precision and immediacy. 

Custom Motorizations

Collaborate with the experienced team at Blind Ambitions to design a fully customized motor system for some or all of the window coverings in your home. Motorized window covering solutions are available in a vast array of different styles that can be readily adapted to suit the needs of your household.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

Ready to explore how motorized window covering solutions could revolutionize your home? Contact Blind Ambitions today to book your free design consultation!

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Highly Recommend

"Thank you Darcy for being true and kind. You and team met and exceeded our expectations. Shawn is the kindest person I’ve met in a while. I highly recommend blind ambition to anyone whether it’s for makeover or new installation"

- Amara N.

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