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Find the Perfect Window Blinds for Your Winnipeg Home

Window blinds can uplift any room, making it look more spacious, elegant, and stylish. Our selection of blinds includes a variety of materials, colours, patterns and operating systems that can complement any interior design. Whether you're looking for a sleek and modern look or a classic and traditional feel, we have the perfect blinds. 

The expert team at Blind Ambitions will help you choose the right blinds for your windows, ensuring they fit perfectly and function seamlessly. Plus, with our professional installation services, you can rest assured that your blinds will be installed safely and securely. We serve Winnipeg, surrounding areas, and Cottage Country. Contact us today to discover the difference our team can make in transforming your home with beautiful and functional blinds.


Explore Our Wide Selection of Blinds

Wide Selection of Blinds

We have all the styles you want, from roller blinds to beautiful real wood to durable faux wood to vertical blinds! Real woods in rich tones to match existing wood in the home, or faux wood blinds that offer the look and style of wood but are a practical alternative. Faux woods are excellent for high-humidity areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

As there have been major changes in the window covering industry, there are no more cords. Child and pet safe, now everything will be cordless, where you can easily lift and lower with your hand or control with a wand to push from side to side. Super clean looking and easy to control.

Roller Blinds 

Roller blinds offer a clean, sleek look and are a stylish solution for your home and a practical one, too! Blind Ambitions offers roller blinds to give your home a modern style that suits your design and lifestyle.

Roller blinds are extremely versatile, making them a practical choice for most homes. They are one of the quickest and simplest ways to transform a space! They are available in many performance finishes, from blackout options for a cozy bedroom to moisture-resistant fabrics for use in bathrooms. They can also come in various colours, designs, and fabrics! They are truly customizable to your taste.

Advantages of Blinds

There are many advantages of choosing blinds, including:

  • Light control: One of the standout features of blinds is their unparalleled ability to regulate light. With adjustable slats or panels, homeowners can easily control the angle and amount of sunlight entering a room. Blinds offer various options, whether filtering morning sunlight or achieving near-darkness for movie-watching.

  • Privacy: Blinds grant homeowners the flexibility to adjust their window treatments to achieve varying levels of privacy. They act as a barrier when fully closed, preventing outsiders from peering in. It provides occupants with peace of mind, knowing they can enjoy their indoor space without being on display.

  • Variety: Blinds cater to various design sensibilities due to the many available materials, styles, and colours. From wooden Venetian blinds that exude a warm, rustic charm to modern, sleek roller blinds, there's a style to suit every interior.

  • Energy efficiency: Beyond their aesthetic appeal, blinds have practical benefits, too. Those made with thermal linings or specially designed materials can trap air, creating an insulating layer. This helps in maintaining room temperatures, keeping spaces warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

  • Maintenance: Blinds and shades score high on the convenience scale regarding cleaning and upkeep. Many can be maintained with a simple feather duster.  Faux wood and shutters can be wiped down with a damp cloth if needed. 

Impressed? Get your very own collection of blinds from Blind Ambitions today! Call us.

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"Thank you Darcy for being true and kind. You and team met and exceeded our expectations. Shawn is the kindest person I’ve met in a while. I highly recommend blind ambition to anyone whether it’s for makeover or new installation"

- Amara N.

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