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Stylish Vertical Blinds In Winnipeg

Offering stylish aesthetics, superior light control, and exceptional privacy, custom vertical blinds are a popular window treatment option among Winnipeg area home and business owners. Composed of long, vertical vanes that traverse open and shut on a horizontal track, they are durable, attractive, and available in a wide range of different materials and colours. 

At Blind Ambitions in Winnipeg, our experienced team provides custom vertical blind solutions that elevate any decor scheme and meet the precise specifications of residential and commercial clients. Whether you're seeking to incorporate vertical blinds in combination with other window treatment options or are considering installing them in a single location to achieve specific privacy or light control outcomes, we're prepared to see your project through from start to finish with professionalism and expertise.

Book a free design consultation today to learn more about vertical blinds and how we can help you meet and exceed your residential or commercial window covering goals!


The Benefits of Vertical Blinds

There are many excellent reasons why vertical blinds have endured throughout the decades and continue to remain a popular window treatment option today. Some of their most notable benefits are:

  • Simplicity and Practicality - Vertical blinds are easy to operate, simple to install, and straightforward to clean and maintain.

  • Durability - Seeking a window covering solution that will stand up to heat, sunlight, humidity, and/or the demands of a kid and pet-friendly household? Vertical blinds may be the ideal choice.

  • Superior Light Control and Privacy - Precisely control the amount of natural light that enters your windows, or cut up to 80% of the light when you install vertical blinds that effectively enhance the ambience and privacy of your home or business. 

  • Customizable - At Blind Ambitions, our vertical blinds are available in a vast spectrum of different materials and colours. Tell us about your window treatment vision and we'll design a custom solution to bring it to life. 

  • Width Matters - For large windows or patio doors, vertical blinds offer a stylish window covering solution that is simple to open, shut, and maneuver. At Blind Ambitions, our vertical blinds are available with a simple-to-use wand control.

  • Energy Efficiency - When closed, vertical blinds can add an insulative layer to windows and help reduce draftiness and overall energy costs.

  • Affordability - While prices vary according to the size, material, and features of the project, vertical blinds can offer an economical window covering solution for both residential and commercial settings.

Choose Your Vertical Blinds

From luxurious fabric vanes to easily cleanable PVC options, Blind Ambitions' extensive selection of custom vertical blinds has something for everyone. Whether you're seeking a room darkening solution, a window covering that will fit perfectly with a standout valance, or a custom design for an oversized window or patio door, our team is ready to design vertical blinds that will complement and elevate your interior space.

Contact Us Today!

Achieve the residential or commercial interior of your dreams with the perfect vertical blinds from Blind Ambitions in Winnipeg. Book your free design consultation today!

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