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Commercial Roller Shades In Winnipeg

Selecting the right window coverings is critical to your business's overall aesthetics and function. That's why our experienced design team at Blind Ambitions in Winnipeg is available to support and guide you through the entirety of the process. From start to finish, we take the time to truly understand the specifications of your space along with any special requirements that are unique to your industry.

While there are many potential window covering solutions for commercial spaces, roller shades are one of the most in-demand in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. Versatile, attractive, durable, and economical, they come in an array of colours, materials, and styles suitable for a vast range of different tastes and applications. From schools and post-secondary institutions to office buildings, restaurants, hotels, small businesses, apartment and condo complexes, government buildings, and more, roller shades can be customized to meet all of your commercial window covering needs.


Why Choose Roller Shades

Roller shades have a great deal to offer commercial projects. Below are some of the reasons they have endured over time and continue to be a popular and innovative window-covering solution:

  • Functional Versatility - Whether you're looking to soften natural light, filter out harmful UV rays, or darken interior spaces completely, roller shades get the job done. Ready to enjoy full natural lighting? Simply roll them up using manual or motorized lifting options.

  • Attractive Aesthetics - Brighten your workplace with attractive roller shades that complement existing decor and softly diffuse light to create an inviting atmosphere any time of day.

  • Superior Privacy - Feel secure in the knowledge that you can control how much of your business's interior is viewable from outside. Talk to our team about different fabric opacities for further controlling privacy outcomes.

  • Excellent Value - Invest in the future with long-lasting roller shade solutions that will enhance your business for many years.

Our Commercial Roller Shade Options

All of our commercial roller shade options are available with a variety of different lift systems that can be customized to the precise needs of your space and industry.

At Blind Ambitions, our high-quality roller shades are fully customizable and available in an extensive selection of different colours, materials, and styles. Three of our most popular options are listed below:

Light-Diffusing Roller Shades

Also known as light-filtering shades, these roller shades diffuse natural sunlight to create a soft, even glow in interior spaces and are popular in numerous commercial settings.

Screen Roller Shades

Screen roller shades, sometimes also referred to as UV screen shades, filter sunlight to protect interior spaces from harmful UV rays and keep furniture, carpets, artwork, and work safe from sun bleaching. Screen shades are also perfect for areas where privacy is not an issue. As they are made from fine mesh-like fabrics, they will cut heat and glare, but still allow you to see outside, perfect for restaurants, office spaces etc.

Room Darkening Roller Shades

Room darkening shades block out natural sunlight and are ideal for spaces with projector systems.

Contact Us Today!

To learn more about commercial roller shade options as well as other commercial window treatments such as commercial blinds, cubicle curtains, and more, contact us at Blind Ambitions today to book a free design consultation!

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