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Stage Drapes In Winnipeg

From timeless curtain designs that accent and enliven classic theatres to modern backdrops appropriate for corporate settings, stage drapery is an integral component of any performance venue or event centre. While beautifully designed stage curtains can be showstoppers in and of themselves, they also serve numerous functional purposes including masking (concealing) off-stage areas and enhancing acoustics and lighting effects.

At Blind Ambitions in Winnipeg, our design team possesses the expertise and experience to design, craft, and install one-of-a-kind stage drapes ideal for a wide range of different settings and purposes. From film sets to schools, places of worship, event centres, travelling shows, and more, our custom stage drapery solutions are stunning, high-quality, and completely customizable based on the specific needs of our clients.

Whether you're seeking a large-scale theatrical drapery setup or a single, well-made backdrop to define an unconventional event space, we're ready to collaborate with you and get your project underway. Contact us at Blind Ambitions to set up a free design consultation and learn more about our custom stage drapery options!

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Set the Stage With Custom Drapery

When you think of stage drapery, you may immediately conjure up an image of a classic Traveller Curtain that parts down the middle to reveal the stage behind, but in reality, this is just one out of a vast spectrum of different stage curtain styles. From borders and wings to masking curtains, stationary backdrops, and much more, the custom stage drapes we design, craft, and install at Blind Ambitions serve a versatile array of purposes across a wide variety of different settings.

Some of these settings include:

  • Film sets

  • Television sets

  • Movie theatres

  • Schools

  • Places of worship

  • Event centres

  • Live performance venues

  • Travelling shows

  • Corporate environments

  • Special events

Choose Your Stage Drapes

At Blind Ambitions, we pride ourselves on offering stage drape solutions that are 100% customizable. Starting from the ground up, we take the time to truly understand our clients' project goals as well as any unique complexities that may define their particular space, such as industry regulations, heritage building restrictions, or multi-purpose usage requirements.

From stationary backdrops to operable drapes, all of Blind Ambitions' custom stage drapery solutions are sewn to impeccable standards. Our valued clients can rely on the following:

  • An incredible selection of fire/safety-compliant fabrics suitable for any project.

  • The installation of proper hardware to ensure that drapes traverse open and closed easily (if operable).

  • Excellent communication and a personalized experience that ensures the goals of your project are met and exceeded.

Contact Us Today!

At Blind Ambitions in Winnipeg, we look forward to hearing about your custom stage drapery needs and bringing your vision to life with professionalism and expertise. Contact us directly to book your free design consultation today!

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